Sunday, April 4, 2010

80 degrees and sunny is no good!

After a very soggy week, the Sun God finally granted Boston with its graces on Friday. Saturday came around with highs of 78 degrees and cloudless skies. Absolutely perfect weather conditions for walking around the city, or dining al fresco, or laying out on a roofdeck. Absolutely horrid conditions for runner that's been training in scarf-hat-mittens weather.

I did the last 10.5 miles of the course, through the Newton, Brookline, and into Copley, and i was absolutely drained. The first five miles or so i was running in direct sunlight, through the Newton hills and Heartbreak Hill, and i was sweating like a pig! It's amazing how tired warm weather and sunlight can make your body.

i am PRAYING that the weather is cooler on April 19th!!

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