Friday, January 29, 2010

trainging - by the numbers

1 - the number of women runners i've seen pop a squat in someone's front yard in Newton. that's what you get for having an unreal house on comm ave i guess.

161 - cumulative miles run so far!

2 - pedestrians i've seen eat pavement, one of whom fell face first but, displaying an unbelievable dedication to her coffee, managed not to spill a drop! i pointed it out to her as i ran by but she didn't find it funny... pretty sure her chin was bleeding.

5 - old men that absolutely SCHOOL me every week on our runs.

6 - days i'll be on vacation in san diego next week!!!!!! i might "forget" to train...

3 - children under 6 that i've seen walking down the sidewalk legit completely alone. Not lost or sad though, completely confident in their street prowess. One was dressed like an adult, purse and all, at first i thought she was just a tiiiiiny old woman.

4 - the number of different snacks suzanne liedel, the Brigham & Women's fundraising coordinator, puts out for us at Newton Corner to fuel up - trail mix, pretzels, swedish fish, and some other candy i can't remember!

1,224,213 - Hasidic jews that roam the Brookline sidewalks every Saturday

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