Monday, February 1, 2010

Beer vs Running Shoes

Oh beer oh beer oh beer
You make me grin from ear to ear.
As soon as you're gone, a replacement is near,
Then in the morning, for my life i fear.

A weekend away
the runner will play.
Laughing and lounging all day,
"More beer!" I say!

A three hour trip,
Into the condo I slip.
I'll eat more than one chip
and lots of chili cheese dip!

Beer, gin, and blackberry Vodka,
Into the van and off to the bar horrah!
Barkeep what's that? No! No soda,
We want Beer, and more beer, and more beer - ha!

The weekend is over and now I'm back home,
Back to emails, meetings, and calls on my work phone.
From kitchen to mail room to cube I roam,
Feeling lethargic like a lazy lump of loam.

Leaving the office I decided on a whim
That life would be better if I skipped the gym.
So tomorrow morning, while the light is still dim,
I'll be running down Broadway, not looking or feeling so slim.

But in the battle of Beer vs Running shoes,
it's not that either one will really lose.
I'll deal with the running after the booze,
Accepting the consequences as my Drinker's Dues.

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