Friday, February 26, 2010

a great FUNdraiser

To boost our fundraising efforts, my girlfriends and i held a little fundraiser last night.

It was really low-key, just at a local bar with the celtics game on and some live music played by our friend Mathison but it was a great way to stir up some fundraising dollars from our friends and co-workers while being to give them something back (well potentially give them something back).

The prizes ranged from gift certificates to sports gear to hotel stays and it was so fun giving them out! I did, however, go to home with a sad and guilty feeling weighing on me because I felt so bad for the people who donated and didn't win anything. I think this is my last time orchestrating a raffle... i can't take the emotional agony associated with it!

I was the one to read out the winners name and i am NOT a fan of public speaking so i was really nervous. I get awkward, overthink what I'm about to say, and then just spit something out (like when I was announcing the winner of a night's stay at the Liberty Hotel, i so smoothly described it as "... a hotel that used to be a jail, and now just looks like a jail.")

I'm half way to my fundraising goal, so a big "THANK YOU!" to all of you who have donated so far :)

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