Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are we in competition?

Like i said in my previous post, once a week we do hill runs. We run with other members of the Brigham team and also the Liver team with our trainers from the Fitcorp on Beacon around the common and the garden to the stretch of the common that runs along Beacon street. It's a long, slow sloping hill and it's great conditioning for the hills along the marathon route. Each week we do a few more repeats than last week (either half hill or whole hill). The idea is to give it 85% going up hill and take your time heading back down to get your body in great condition for our weekend runs and marathon monday.

I sort of see us runners as a true team - one big group of strangers meeting twice a week to accomplish something together - not one just joined by the charity that got us our numbers. I'm pretty competitive, but when it comes to working within my group, my competitive drive fades and I just want to do my best. BUT i have to admit - last night i was forced into competition.

As you go through the hill repeats, you tend to stick around the same group of people. I typically go faster up hill and let myself rest a bit going down. In doing that last night, it ended up that this one girl would pass me on the way down, then i'd pass her on the way up. I thought nothing of it - I'm not racing her, we're both just out to train. I think she was getting a little frustrated... each time i went by her on the way up i'd hear "UGHHhhh"

eeks!! I hate introducing negative energy into a run. Besides the need to have your muscles ready and your endurance up, running is SO mental. I don't want to ruin my run with the added pressure of trying to beat a teammate's time, it brings the whole experience down.

(that is, if you finish last... i couldn't help it - i had to win in the end!! ;) )

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