Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Runner's High

It's March 2nd and the days are beginning to tease us with snippets of warm weather, assuring New Englanders that we are NOT crazy to live here. There's a quivering feeling of anticipation in the sidewalk crowds, everyone's energies sensing the season change.

Walking off the bus to work this morning, there was a taste of warmth in the air and my stomach butterflied in excitement for the soon-to-come spring runs. There's nothing better than that first warm day, leaving the gloves, headband, and running jacket at home, feeling the sun and the breeze on your bare arms and legs, knowing the days of the winter frost are behind you. It's a once-removed runner's high, one that stems not from the adrenaline pumping through your body, but from the seasons past.

Runner's high follows you - its what makes you feel "good" when you're quads are sore, what makes your body feel healthy and your mind clear. It's more than the extra energy a few miles in, it's the impact running has on your entire outlook. It's an addiction.

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