Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last night during our hill runs (repeats up a long sloping hill in the Boston Common), I was yelled at! Like i said earlier, everyone runs these at their own pace. The runners are at MANY different levels, and I think of myself as smack-dab in the middle... not the fastest, not the slowest. I really don't try to race anyone and I'm not in competition, I just try to give myself the best workout I can.

Last night, my friend Marissa and I kept at the same pace through all 20 half-hill repeats. We actually did really well for ourselves... thanks for pushing me Marissa! When we were going up hill on number 9 or so, we passed one of the guys. I was the one right next to him, Marissa had to run a few feet over to get around someone else.

When I passed this guy, he yelled "SHOWOFF!" I laughed, thinking of course he was joking... then looked at him and saw the stone-faced look on his grumpy mug. The rest of the run he gave me dirty looks when we passed each other going up or down hill!

Honestly, I am not bragging - I'm very much not the fastest in the bunch, I'm not sure what I did to annoy this guy. I have to take it with a grain of salt, though, because later he was fist pumping as he ran to the beat of whatever motivational music he had coming through his ear buds.

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  1. He's a loser. And will be on M-Day! Don't waste one MOMENT thinking about why he was threatened by you. I'm proud of you!